Anonymous said: do you guys take ocs?

This RP is currently not active, however I do run two other RPs (one of which is a glee RP as well) that you could apply for if you want. The first is refugeacademyrp and the other is labarerp

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Finn Hudson audition - Accepted!

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We are looking for new characters!

We’re looking for both canon and original. Feel free to message us asking us to write a short bio for a face claim, request to have a character or face claim put on hold, or ask any questions you may have!

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Charlotte Sinclair audition - Accepted!

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Anonymous said: So players can let their secrets slip as they wish? Awesome (:

Of course! We will never post anybody’s secrets for them, we, too, want to see how it plays out when they do decide to share their secret(s).

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